Lilliput A7s Field Monitor

Rent this Lilliput A7s Monitor in Mumbai at an affordable rate. We Provide complete kit customised according to the user’s need.

The kit includes:

  • Liliput monitor
  • Magic arm / Hot shoe mount
  • Feild sun shade
  • Battery plate
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • HDMI Cable

View “Additional Information” tab below to find rates according to the number of days rented. The more you rent, the cheaper it gets.


Liliput A7s Field Monitor available for rent from Rentobuzz along with complete accessories that you would need for your shoot.

Lilliput A7s 7 inch Full HD Monitor with 4K Support

The Lilliput A7s is the first Lilliput monitor to feature 4K inputs at the 7″ screen size. It’s UHD 4K compatible with 16:9 Aspect Ratio LCD field monitor which presents its images on a Full HD 1920×1200 LCD panel. If you’re a mobile shooter who has upgraded to the 4K workspace, the A7s offers control over your shooting workflow both in the field and in the studio. Rent this for complete filmmaking experience.

4K UHD Input over HDMI 1.4

The A7s is the first Lilliput monitor to feature a 7″ 4K input. Facilitated by an HDMI 1.4 input, the A7s is a solid choice for Ultra HD filmmakers and photographers alike. Rent this lilliput monitor for best in class output.

7″ HDMI Monitor with Widescreen Aspect Ratio

The Lilliput A7s features our first full HD native panel, clocking in at 1920 x 1200. Much improved over its predecessors, this high resolution will give you the clearest view of your images without the need for down sampling or interpolation.

4K HDMI Loop through Output

The A7s features an HDMI loop-through function – meaning you can connect the output of this monitor via HDMI to any other device with an HDMI input. A great solution for Video Village and extended screen viewing.

Function Mapping to Individual Keys

The A7s has two customizable function keys – meaning you can program them to allow for a shortcut through to your favorite and most used in-monitor functions, without needing to scroll through comprehensive menus.

Advanced Monitor Functionality

As detailed at the bottom of this description page, the A7s has a multitude of advanced functions to assist with your shooting. Namely – Timecodes, Columnar YRGB, Pixel Zoom Function, Vector Scopes, Audio Level Meters, Peaking, False Colour, Histograms, Exposures, Check Fields, Color Bars, Pixel to Pixel, and Image flips. A host of functions for a multi-faceted monitoring solution.

1/4″ BSW Thread Holes, with Shoe Mount Adaptor

There are two options for mounting this monitor – the most common is the Shoe Mount adaptor which screws into a 1/4″ BSW threaded hole at the bottom of the monitor and then clips into the shoe mount on top of your camera. Alternatively, you can use the VESA 75 mounting hole set in the back to attach the monitor to a sturdier mount if needed

Liliput A7s Monitor for rent at the best price from Rentobuzz in Mumbai.

Why rent from us –

  • Save huge initial cost
  • Pay as you use.
  • You use, we maintain.
  • A permanent solution for temporary needs.
  • Limited liability for minor damages.

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